Keep it short. To make room for all the submissions community submitted videos must be 30-seconds max. Any submissions more than 30-seconds long will be edited.

No logos. Please ensure that no corporate or copywritten logos or imagery is visible in your recording. We will be unable to use videos containing such content. If you are representing an organization, that organizational logo is allowed.

Do a sound check. Limit as much unnecessary background noise as possible and hang a blanket up in rooms that tend to echo to cut back on feedback.

No licensed music. Please ensure that any music being used is not licensed or copyrighted. Any submissions using licensed music will not be played.

Check your file settings before you shoot. Make sure that in your phone, laptop or camera settings that you’re shooting in HD (1080p or higher) and in a 16:9 (widescreen) aspect ratio.


Shoot horizontally. Shooting sideways will make sure your video fits in nicely with other submissions.

Use natural lighting when possible. However, if you can’t, you can use the lights in your house to create a three-point lighting setup.

Don’t let yourself be backlit. Use a window as a light source instead of a background. The subject of your video should always be brighter than what’s behind it.

Make sure your camera is at or above eye level. This will provide a more flattering angle than if you’re looking down at your laptop or phone. Try to have your eyes level on the upper horizontal line using the rule of thirds to look like a pro.

Pay attention to the background. White walls are fine but a little boring. Shooting your video with some open space behind you can add nice depth to your shot while giving the audience a peek into your personality.

Be creative, be yourself, and have fun!