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focused on brining the best in the industry to create an impact
  • Great Speakers

    Hear from Industry Experts & Thought Leaders - An awesome line of talks and panel discussions

  • Networking

    Your chance to learn and connect with fellow industry coaches and community members

  • Free and Non Profit

    Hosted by volunteers from the Sustainable Agile Community. For the community, By the Community

  • Have Fun

    Learn using interactive and engaging games, celebrate and have fun as a global community

Global Events

SustainAgility 2021 Conference

The 2021 SustainAgility Conference concluded on 16th April 2021, coming together as a community to share stories, success, and tips on how the Sustainable Agile Manifesto values are driving change, inspiring the future of work, and creating a lasting impact towards a sustainable world.

Local and Regional Events

SustainAgility Community is growing on regional and local chapter & meetup groups. You can find events in your area here. 

SustainAgility Chapters

SustainAgility Chapters (SACs) are local non-profit organizations that share the global Sustainable Agile Community mission. SACs provide an essential vehicle for carrying out programs at a regional level. SACs organize and facilitate their operations, programs, and community activities through local networks. SACs aligned to SustainAgility core group.

SustainAgility Meetups

SustainAgility Meetups (SAMs) are regional or local groups organised by local experts and enthusiasts empowered by the SustainAgility Core Team. These meetups are essential to support and grow the SustainAgility Community. The frequency and topics of these meetups are decided by the local context, aligned with SustainAgility Community's vision and mission.