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Sustainability + Agility


SustainAgility refers to a set of core values and focus areas that combine sustainability and agility practices & principles to ensure a bright future for our people, planet and enterprises.

It guides individuals, teams, leaders, and enterprises in navigating through the super volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous (VUCA) world. It's a way forward to ensure a future planet.

Demonstrate to positive planet.

Core Values

Values are the core of everything in SustainAgility

5 Focus Areas

The five Key focus areas of SustainAgility

Sustainable Finance​

Sustainable finance is the integration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into financial decision making, to promote long-term sustainable economic growth and societal benefits.

Sustainable Business

Sustainable business is the practice of creating economic value while promoting social and environmental sustainability, through responsible decision-making and stakeholder engagement.

Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT is the practice of designing, developing, and managing technology in a way that supports long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability

Sustainable Leadership​

Sustainable leadership is the practice of leading and managing organizations in a way that supports long-term social, economic and environmental sustainability through responsible decision-making and stakeholder engagement

Sustainable Product Management

Sustainable Product Management is about creating sustainable products. In these times of stress, going faster isn’t the universal answer. Leaders must focus on anticipation and responsiveness along with the perceived opportunity value.

vision for the future

about SustainAgility Community


“Our vision is to foster a culture of sustainable outcomes through the integration of agile methodologies, empowering individuals and teams to continuously adapt and innovate towards a more responsible and resilient future.”


“Our mission is to empower organizations to embed sustainagility core values into their business models and ways of working, fostering continuous improvement and learning, and creating a culture of innovation and collaboration for a better planet.”  


We’re a not-for-profit global community. We believe we can combine the power of sustainability and agility together to create a better way of working & living. This is an open for all community and we welcome people from all walks of life to join us to create a sustainable way of life. Do join the community.

Our Volunteers

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Core Member, Volunteer

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